Since our company was started in 1923 as “Shiroshita Silk-Reeling Factory”, we have been a Japanese “Mono-dukuri”(the traditional Japanese concept of craftsmanship) company for more than 90 years. We shifted our business from silk reeling to production of electronics and electric wire in 1960s, and to audiovisual teaching equipment and professional audio equipment in 1980s.

The Research and Development team at SHIROSHITA work extremely hard to continually update and add value to the range of existing products. Our focus is on durable, innovative and high quality products. You can feel the quality of our craftsmanship in the subtle details of our products.

1923 Founded as a Silk Reeling Factory in JAPAN.

1959 SHIROSHITA Electrical Wire Factory established. Started the production and sales of electrial wire.
1961 SHIROSHITA Silk Reeling Co., Ltd. established.
1966 Merged to establish SHIROSHITA INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd.
1970 Started supplying OEM headphoens and audio visual aids for the US education market.
1975 Started supplying OEM products in the Japan Market.
1976 Launch of the “KIOHKUMAN” Headphones for Electronic Learning Aids.
1985 New Head Office and factory was constructed.on an OEM basis.
1993 Serial production of Mobile Accessories, “ROAD WARRIOR” brand, starts in the US Market.
1996 Started sales of “ROAD WARRIOR” products in the JAPAN Market.
1998 Started developing and manufacturing Mobile Communication Systems.
1999 Acquired ISO 9001 Certification
2001 Obviator Co., Ltd established as a retail sales subsidiary.
2003 Launched consumer audio products under the “Sound Warrior” brand.
2004 Acquired ISO 14001 Certification
2008 Shifted focus from OEM to own brands.
2012 Chenxia Shangmao Limited established in China as a local subsidiary
2014 High-Resolution audio products “SW Desktop-Audio” series is presented.