ROAD WARRIOR RW101 | Travel Plug Adapter


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Product Name Go!Con alpha
Model No. RW101WH-US(White), RW101BK-US(Black), RW101CR-US(Red), RW101DR-US(Orange), RW101PK-US(Sakura Pink)
Available color White, Black, Red, Orange, Sakura Pink
Dimension W50.4×H106.5×D20mm (0.8 x 2 x 4.2 inches)
Weight 55g (1.9 ounces)
Rated Capacity 6A / 250V
Male Plug
  • USA/Japan – Type A
  • Most Europe – Type C
  • India – Type D
  • Germany/France(SCHUKO) – Type E/F
  • UK – Type G
  • Israel – Type H
  • Australia/China – Type I
  • Switzerland – Type J
  • Denmark – Type K
  • Italy – Type L
  • Brazil – Type N
  • Thailand – Type O

*NOTE : Except the large South African outlet – Type M

Receptacle Socket Universal Receptacle Socket (Accepts plugs from all countries).
*NOTE : DOES Not Accept the large South African plug
Material PC
Approval CE, ROHS
Warranty 3 (Three) years
Package Contents
  • Plug Adapter
  • Plug Cover
  • Manual & Warranty Card
Compatible With Plugs From More Than 150 Countries
There are many different outlet configurations around the world. Unless your destination country has the same outlet configuration as your home country, you will need a travel plug adapter in order to plug in. Which type of plug adapter do you need for your destination?

The unique design ROAD WARRIOR Universal Plug Adapter “Go!Con alpha” will keep your devices connected into an outlet when you are traveling to different countries. This All-in-one International Adapter is like a shape-changing robot. Its two parts can be easily separated or reconfigured into various types of plug adapter, which is compatible with worldwide use (including US, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Indian, but excepting for the large South African outlet configuration). The outlets are universal receptacles that accept all types of connectors (Including the 2-Prong US polarized, 3-Prong US grounded, European, UK, AUS and India plug standards, but not the large South African plug). If your appliances allow a multi range voltage (100-240 Volts), get the Universal Plug Adapter “Go!Con alpha”!
Note: AC Power Rating 250V 6A MAX. Please note that the plug adapter changes the plug shape only and not the electricity.

Slim and Sleek Design
4 million happy users and counting! The first generation Go!Con was released in January, 2002. The Go!Con Won “Good Design Award 2003” in Japan. Its usability has been constantly improved by gathering customer feedback. Its ultra compact design fits into luggage and briefcases, weighting just 55g (1.9 ounces) and only 20mm (0.8 inches) thick, the compact design provides the portability to suit your travel style.

Lock Switch for the Type G (UK) Outlet
British type outlets contain an internal shutter to prevent children from sticking objects like hairpins into the receptacle. Insertion of a longer (earth) pin helps in opening the shutters, facilitating the insertion of the other two pins. Some outlets incorporate the 3-pin operated shutter system. These type outlets require both the lower pins to be inserted at the same time.
A plastic grounding pin of the older model Go!Con can open the top internal shutter. But the lower pins are not locked. When inserting a plug into this type of outlets, and the two pins are moved, so there is not enough pressure to be able to open all of the internal shutters.
The New model “Go!Con alpha” has the Lock switch for the Type G (UK) Outlet. Place the Lock Switch in the ‘LOCK / BF’ upward position to fix the 2 silver round pins. All three pins of “Go!Con alpha” can open the shutters.

Plug Cover for covering the Grounding pin
To transform the new “Go!Con alpha” into the plug types for use in your destination, slide the Plug Cover’s tongue into the groove on the body. Using a 3-prong device, you plug it into the receptacle of “Go!Con alpha”, the Plug Cover then covers the ground plug for safety.

ROAD WARRIOR Travel Adapter allows you to plug your small appliance or computer into outlets around the world!

* It does not convert voltage.
* Please make sure that YOUR appliances can handle a range of voltage like “100v – 240v”.
* If your appliances only operate at only one voltage level, you’ll need a voltage converter.

  • 4 million happy users and counting : ROAD WARRIOR “Go!Con” series are Japanese Leading International Power Adapter.
  • The unique design ROAD WARRIOR Universal Plug Adapter works in over 150 Countries, Europe, Asia, China, Australia, India, and the UK.
  • The Travel adaptor is like a shape-changing robot. It has only two pieces that convert into various types of plug configuration.
  • The Universal receptacles accept the 2 prong or 3 prong plug from all countries worldwide except the Type M (big South African plug).
  • This International World Wide Plug Adapter has passed strict quality inspection. Designed in Japan.
  • Comes in 5 colors – Black, White, Red, Sakura Pink and Orange.
  • AC Power Rating 250V 6A MAX – Does Not Convert Voltage. Please use it with a transformer if necessary.
  • CE approval, RoHS compliant.