Foldable Head-worn Headset Single On-ear Type for Easy Portability
Two Types of Foldable Headset
“What would be a compact and portable design?” We developed these headsets with reference to the folding structure of glasses. SOUND WARRIOR foldable head-worn headsets are available in two types: in-ear and on-ear. They can be folded into a compact size, you can put it in the original case.
The SW-HW2 is On-Ear Type
The hinge part of the speaker is movable by a spring, providing a gentle fit to the ear. If you find that your ears tend to get sore when wearing earphones, this on-ear type might be more suitable for you. The diameter of the driver unit is Φ23 mm, and the soft sponge foam ear pad provides a comfortable touch.
Folding Structure for Easy Portability
We adopted a structure similar to the temples of glasses to allow for compact storage in the case. The standard hinges used in eyeglasses are applied to the foldable parts. The hinges are durable, thus they are less likely to weaken and loosen. Low-temperature tempering is applied to the stainless steel headband to enhance elasticity and durability. The headset carrying case protects the headset from damage. The triangular case is closed with a magnet and can be folded flat when not in use.
Light Weight Head-worn Style
The sleek and tidy wearing style gives your clients an excellent impression. The arched sections rest on your right and left ears. The soft and thick temple paddings will distribute the pressure evenly for comfortable wearing. If you wear it with eyeglasses, it will prevent interference with your glasses. The headband rests on the back of your head without messing up your hair.
Provides Reliable Communication
The single-ear Headset SW-HW2 features a cardioid (unidirectional) ECM microphone. The high-performance microphone is acoustically tuned to allow your clients to hear you clearly. A soft ear tip with a secure fit keeps earphones from falling out and allows you to focus on online conversation. The length of the earphone cable is 20 cm to avoid getting in the way around your face.
Durable Connection Resists Accidental Pull Out
The cable is connected to the body securely, ensuring the reliability of the connection against accidental pulling on the cable. We have designed headset to meet the highest demands of professional users. We focus on accurate sound, durable construction, and comfortable fit.
Reliable Quality Made in Nagano, Japan
Each headset is carefully hand-assembled in Japan. Through manufacturing OEM/ODM audio products, we have cultivated our technological development skills in audio equipment, communication equipment, and power supply devices for over 50 years. Our headsets are ideal for business users who demand high-quality sound and reliable connectivity.
FeaturesTech Specs
  • The foldable head-worn headset with a single on-ear is designed for easy portability
  • The headband rests comfortably on the back of your head without messing up your hair
  • The single-side headset leaves one ear open, allowing you to hear what’s going on around you
  • The hinge part of the speaker is movable by a spring, providing a gentle fit to the ear
  • The soft and thick temple paddings will distribute the pressure evenly for comfortable wearing
Wearing Style Single-sided / Head-Worn
◆ Microphone
 Microphone Type Electret
 Polar Pattern Cardioid (Unidirectional)
 Frequency Response 100 – 10,000Hz
 Output Impedance 1.6 KΩ
 Sensitivity  -48 ± 3dB (0dB=1V/Pa, 1kHz)
Mute function Not Available
◆ Headphones
Type Dynamic
Driver Diameter Φ23 mm
Frequency Response 50 – 20,000Hz
Impedance 32 Ω
Maximum Input Power 60 mW
Sensitivity 96 dB±2dB
◆ Other
Cable 1.3 m Attached Single-Sided
Plug 3.5mm plug (4 pole, CTIA)
Weight 68 g with cable
Color Black
Housing / Body Stainless Steel (Black painted), Polycarbonate (PC)
Accessories Original Case
Country of Origin Japan
Warranty 1 year by SHIROSHITA



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