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Digital Output Type: Coaxial / Optical(TOSLINK)
Format: S/PDIF Sampling Frequency: 44.1k – 192 kHz
Quantization Bit Rate: 16 bit
Word Clock Input Type: 75Ω BNC Jack
Clock Frequency: 44.1k – 192 kHz
Clock Input Level: 5Vp-p
General Power Supply: AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Kz (AC adapter), DC12V (Main Unit)
Power Consumption: 10W
Dimensions: W5.7″ x H1.6″ x D6.5″
Weight: 31.7 oz.
Country of Origin: Japan
Warranty 1 year by Shiroshita
Package includes SHiROSHiTA SWD-CT10US, AC Adapter, Vertical Text Sheet, Hex Wrench, Protective Cushions, User Guide, Warranty Card

SHiROSHiTA SWD-CT10US CD Transport with Sample Rate Converter

With strong and experienced R&D capability, SHITOSHITA can develop Audio equipments and Headphones designed for professional studio monitoring and focused listening. We make high-value Audio equipments that are designed and built in Japan, with the attention to detail and quality throughout.

■Offers Complete Flexibility
Do you have an impressive CD collection?
Would you like to enjoy your audio CDs with the highest quality sound possible?

The original data on a regular CD is 16-bit and sampled at 44.1kHz. CD players typically convert the digital signal to analog for playback on a stereo system. So they have 2 main components: transport and digital-to-analogue converter (DAC), and have a digital output on them as well as the analog output.

The SWD-CT10US is a transport, it is a specialized CD, CD-R, CD-RW-disc reader. It extracts the digital audio data from a CD and delivers the data with no interference from analogue circuitry to an external DAC. The SWD-CT10US is designed for accurate playback while minimizing audio distortion. It has two Digital Audio Out connections (S/PDIF) that are coaxial and optical. The SWD-CT10US allows you to enjoy all the musical details of your favorite discs.

■ Up-sampling
The SWD-CT10US has Up-sampling function, which converts your normal audio quality to Hi-Res audio output quality. Use the SRC (Sampling Rate Converting) button on the front panel to set the output sample rate to 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 or 192kHz. It enables reproduction of your favorite music with higher quality and you can enjoy a change of sound.

■Word Clock Input
The SWD-CT10US is equipped with an external clock input for optional synchronization via an external word clock signal.

All digital audio devices operate with an internal clock circuit to trigger all the device’s digital audio processes.
Timing errors called jitter occurs with the internal clock which is used for sampling. In order to reduce the jitter, it is necessary to lock overall sample rate timing of all devices to a single consistent master clock. The master clock generator supplies external clocks to digital devices equipped with clock input terminals, and thus it improves audio performance.

The SWD-CT10 is fitted with a 75 Ohm BNC connector. When connecting the digital output of the SWD-CT10 to a DAC with an external clock input, you can use a master word-clock generator. Thus all samples sent by the CD transport are actually received by the external DAC.

■Compact and Stylish Design
The SWD-CT10US measures W145.4mm×H40mm×D165mm (Protruding part not included) and is housed in a custom textured aluminum-and-steel case with a clear front panel. You can choose to mount this Amplifier either horizontally or vertically, depending upon your equipment configuration.
The attached self-adhesive clear rubber feet bumpers are placed on the bottom of the Amplifier to give it more stability and to help protect it from scratches.

CD transport with dedicated digital output ensures absolutely pure digital signal readout.
Delivers the audio data with no interference from analogue circuitry to the external DAC
Without an onboard DAC, the power supply only drive the CD transport, thus it provide a stable power supply for high-performance at the affordable price.
Use the SRC(sampling rate converter)button on the front panel to set the output sample rate to 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 or 192kHz.
Feature a high-precision slot loading CD drive mechanism to ensure resistance to vibration
Extract enough detail from the CD to allow you to hear the music which the CD possesses.
Feature a clock input/BNC terminal to accept an incoming external word clock signal.
Amazingly compact ? 145.4 x 40x 165mm (W5.7 x H1.6 x D6.5 inches)
Sleek design allows vertical or horizontal placement
Designed and built in Japan
Provide the highest level of audio quality for your home-based studio